Toxicologic Pathology consulting

Global Pathology Support is certified with the Endorsement of Compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice. 

Dr. Thoolen himself is a member of the Royal Dutch Pathology Society of the Netherlands. These certifications provide the insurance that Global Pathology Support is your partner in assessing new pharmaceutical products.

Global Pathology Support is a fully licensed contract laboratory, hired by pharmaceutical companies for external consultation and other services such as a chemical safety assessment. Many companies find their way to our Netherlands based laboratory due to the high quality of our work, flexible work attitude, and fast delivery of results. Contact Global Pathology Support for more information about conducting a chemical safety assessment for your company.

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We are more than happy to employ all of the above to the fullest, for getting your company the results you are looking for!

Chemical safety assessment for better product safety

Naturally, product safety is of the utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Safe products are the result of rigorous testing on the effects, and unwanted side-effects, by accredited specialists. These specialists are very few in number. As a matter of fact, Global Pathology Support is the only contract laboratory in the Netherlands which is specialized in the field of toxicological pathology and chemical safety assessment. Global Pathology is committed to the improvement of product safety by offering companies tangible results, based on scientific knowledge and extensive testing.

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Global Pathology Support was founded by Dr. Thoolen, a highly experienced toxicological pathologist and esteemed member of the Royal Dutch Pathology Society of the Netherlands. Make an appointment for discussing the possibilities at Global Pathology Support by calling the following phone number: +31 (0)70-314 24 04.

When looking for a contract laboratory in Europe, the accreditation of the laboratory is of vital importance. Proper endorsement by the right authorities provide the assurance that the results you receive are trustworthy and obtained in compliance with current rules and regulations. Global Pathology Support in the Netherlands is a young company, run by its founder, Dr. Thoolen. He is a renowned and esteemed pathologist with over 30 years of education and experience under his belt. Furthermore, Global Pathology Support possesses all necessary certifications needed to operate as a contract laboratory for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and China.

Why companies choose Global Pathology Support as their contract laboratory in Europe

In the years since its foundation, Global Pathology Support became a trusted contract laboratory for several pharmaceutical companies in Europe and China. This status was reached due to the high quality of work that we provide. Global Pathology Support offers the necessary support that leads to the successful implementation of new products that benefit people’s health and wellbeing. Results are based on profound scientific knowledge, and due to our experience and expertise, results are generated quickly and accurately.

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We are more than happy to employ all of the above to the fullest, for getting your company the results you are looking for!

Diagnostic toxicologic pathology consulting is among the core business activities of Global Pathology Services in the Netherlands. As an accredited contract laboratory, our activities revolve around the identification and interpretation of pathological changes. This is established through meticulous testing, leading to tangible results that pharmaceutical companies use to launch safe and beneficial products for people in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The benefits of diagnostic pathology consulting by Global Pathology Support

We offer companies accurate diagnostic pathology consulting services. Enjoy the following benefits when contracting Global Pathology Support:

  • Fast delivery due to efficient and proved methods of testing, and close cooperation with clients;
  • Strict quality management in compliance with international standards ensures a high quality of work;
  • You will get relevant service exactly when you need it;
  • 24/7 availability;
  • Up-to-date results and testing methods due to strong commitment and expertise.

The highest priority during our efforts in diagnostic pathology consulting is always the successful implementation of products that benefit people’s wellness by our clients.

Drug safety laboratory

  • Maximize beneficial experiences
  • Minimize negative side-effects
  • Services necessary for the development of safe new drugs

A drug safety laboratory is an ideal medium for ensuring the production and distribution of safe new drugs. Global Pathology Support acts as an independent drug safety laboratory for several pharmaceutical companies and contract laboratories. The goal is to maximize beneficial experiences for users, while minimizing potentially negative side-effects. Contact Global Pathology Support for more information about our core business and what services are necessary in the current and future development stages of your new drug.

Primary prevention by an independent drug safety laboratory

The main reason for using the services of a drug safety laboratory is to prevent the distribution of drugs with more negative side-effects than positive results. The pathologist plays an important role in assessing the safety of new drugs. The emphasis is on the identification of pathological changes and the interpretation of the results of animal testing. This is of crucial importance since 90% of the negative side-effects of new drugs are established by a 1 month testing period on rodents and other animals.

Experimental and toxicologic pathology

  • Negligible health risk levels
  • Testing beyond conventional studies
  • Pathologist with proper education

Experimental and toxicologic pathology revolve around the examination of tissues, fluids and cells of diseased organisms, in order to document and help predict the process of a disease. Experimental and toxicology pathology is usually employed as pre-emptive method for developing safe new medications. Global Pathology Support employs these methods in order to reduce the chance of health risks to a negligible level. If you have any questions regarding the services, or accreditation of Global Pathology Support, feel free to contact us and request more information.

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During the testing phase of your new product, Global Pathology Support offers invaluable service beyond the field of diagnostic toxicologic pathology consulting. Contact us by calling at +31 (0)70-314 24 04 and make an appointment for discussing the possibilities that fit your current needs.

Obtain more conclusive results from experimental and toxicologic pathology

To understand the use of experimental toxicologic pathology when developing new medications, we must first address the procedure used by conventional toxicity studies. Most studies use animals such as rodents as test subjects. This is highly effective, yet not always conclusive. About 30% of human toxicities are not predicted in conventional studies. This requires a study on the species of animal used during testing, the afflicted organs, and drug class of the medication-to-be. Also, the changes in organ weight, haematology and clinical chemistry need to be closely monitored in order to draw the right conclusion. This is done by employing experimental and toxicologic pathology in the development process. And this is where Global Pathology Services is at its best. These types of studies require a pathologist with proper education. Dr. Thoolen is the founder of Global Pathology Services and with over 25 years of experience and training, is perfectly capable of conducting these studies.

Be smart, be safe

The 20th century is peppered with pharmaceutical misconduct. Products that were released to the public without proper testing, turned out to do more harm than improve the wellbeing of people, resulting in both financial and social issues on a large scale. Since the beginning of the era between 165-2020, about 20 pandemics have now occurred and safe vaccine development remains mandatory for the protection of human health. COVID-19 (Sars-Cov-2) recently showed that effective but safe vaccines are essential.

Make sure your product is safe before releasing it

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