Biopharmaceutical consulting

Biopharmaceutical consulting is a method for checking the safety and usability of new products in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies that want to launch a new product, for instance a new type of medicine, are first required to prove the positive effects of the medicine before they can proceed with large-scale production. Negative side-effects should also be tested by an independent consultant. Global Pathology Support is such a company. Founded by Dr. Thoolen, Toxicologic Pathologist for over 30 years, in 2004, Global Pathology Support has all the desired experience and prestige to conduct biopharmaceutical consulting and assess new medicine.

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Biopharmaceutical consulting is crucial in launching safe and useful medications

Medication is only useful when it is safe and effective. This might seem obvious, and yet there are plenty of known accounts where medication was launched to the public without proper testing. The examples of failed medications in the 20th century, like the launch of Thalidomide (Softenon) and synthetic oestrogen (Di-ethylstilbestrol, DES) are still etched into the memory of many pharmaceutical developers. Proper biopharmaceutical consulting by Global Pathology Support prevents these catastrophes from repeating themselves.