Gross pathology assessment

A gross pathology assessment is conducted by a well-trained toxicologic pathologist. This type of gross examination lays at the basis of and accurate diagnosis. This, however, requires expert knowledge and experience from the pathologist in question. And that is exactly why you contact Global Pathology Support. Dr. Thoolen is the founder and lead pathologist with over 30 years of experience and education in toxicologic pathology in the field of animal testing and pharmaceutical testing.

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Gross pathology assessment; a profession in its own right

The number of skilled toxicologic pathologists capable of executing a proper gross pathology assessment is sadly declining at an alarming rate. This is the result of a decrease in the number of autopsies worldwide, which means that fewer toxicologic pathologists have the chance to gain proper experience. Dr. Thoolen however, has been working as a principal pathologist, in charge of practical macroscopic assessments for 12 years. Combined with decades of education, Global Pathology Support is one of the few contract laboratories, and the only one in the Netherlands, capable of properly executing a gross pathology assessment. Contact Global Pathology Support for more information on the matter by calling at +31 (0)70-314 24 04.