Peer review of Pathology

A pathology peer review is somewhat of a second opinion. When a toxicologic pathologist comes to an ambiguous conclusion regarding a specimen, the slide(s) is (are) sent to several, independent colleagues for further assessment. If these results are discordant with the original outcome, further discussion, and possible testing, is required. Global Pharmaceutical Support is available to perform a solid pathology peer review based on meticulous research and the vast experience of head pathologist and founder, Dr. Thoolen.

Throughout the years our service has expanded to histopathology reviews, peer reviews of pathological studies, advice and consultancy in toxicological pathology, and neuropathology evaluation.

Our knowledge, drive, positive energy and respectful attitude towards clients, have made Global Pathology Support an appreciated partner to many pharmaceutical companies.

Pathology peer review at Global Pathology Support

  • Second opinion by a seasoned specialist
  • Proper risk assessment
  • Serves multiple clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Pathology peer review for reducing potential risks to a negligible level

Uncertainty about the use and side-effects of a new type of medication may lead to the forced withdrawal of the product and widespread social discontent. The pathology peer review is a tool that prevents the release of new products without a proper risk assessment. The professional opinion of multiple experienced pathologists reduce the margin of error considerably. And that helps for launch safe and beneficial products with negligible risk for the health of people and impact on the environment.

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